• Courtney McLane Mize

Why We Are Transitioning To Nontoxic Living

Making sure our products are clean and green is something that seems to be increasingly more important to people, especially as we share our lives on social media. But are the products that fill our cabinets really nontoxic? Or have we been misled with good branding and buzzwords on packaging?

Many of you reading this may not know that your everyday household products like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap, and candles, can be filled with toxic chemicals. Yes, I said toxic and no, I’m not being dramatic. Hormone disrupting chemicals and carcinogens aka cancer-causing chemicals are in almost all of the products we use in our home, on our bodies, even on our babies. According to WebMD formaldehyde “is used in many household products”. The Cleveland Clinic shares about the risk of toxins in household items. When you see “fragrance” listed as an ingredient, I bet you didn’t know it is actually patented as a trade-secret so companies don’t have to actually list all the ingredients (really, chemicals) that are in that one ingredient listed as “fragrance”. Europe has over 1200 ingredients that are completely banned from being used in their cosmetics alone because they are harmful while the US only has 11. Let that sink in for a second.

So why aren’t more people talking about this? We think we are keeping our homes clean by using brands like Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Tide, but over time we are actually doing more harm than good. This is why we, Tyler and I, are transitioning to nontoxic living. I am no expert, but I am so happy to be learning more about what it means to live a non-toxic lifestyle and bring products into our home that are truly safe. This is definitely a process and there is so, so much to learn, but my sister always says “you are the gatekeeper of your home” and that couldn’t be more true. WE are the ones who control what products and foods we allow in our home. If given the choice, wouldn’t we choose to let healthy, natural, clean things in our homes and bodies? Of course!

I am excited to be sharing what we learn as we move towards nontoxic living, what products work for us, and why we are ditching the things in our home that are filled with junk! Leave a comment below if this is something you are interested in hearing more about and I’ll work up some more blogs on this! Let’s make our homes healthier and safer, together.


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