• Courtney McLane Mize

What's In The Waiting

The waiting. Isn’t this always the worst part? Waiting for clarity, waiting for an opportunity, waiting for a deal to close, waiting to find out what’s happening next? I feel like there are so many seasons of our twenties that are filled with waiting. We wait to see when we will graduate, (fingers crossed it’s on time), we wait to see where we can land our first job, we wait for the lease on our new apartment to take effect, we wait to find our future spouse, we wait to get pregnant, does it ever feel like all you do is wait?

I am in a transitional season with my career, trying to figure out how to marry my formal education, my work experience, and my passions. And to be honest, I have been in this season for a very long time. Years, actually. It never fails, every time I have a call with someone in HR to talk about my career path and how they can help me get to where I want to go, I hang up feeling defeated and disappointed. I just want to do something that feels meaningful, that I feel like I am good at, that I like! I have spent years praying for clarity and opportunity and every time I feel like there might be a glimmer of hope for something new, it disappears just as quickly as it came. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like you are waiting on God for direction and the only thing He tells you to do is to keep waiting?

How do we respond when we are told to keep waiting? It is so easy to get stuck in this place of frustration and disappointment. Our hearts fill with heaviness as our minds work tirelessly to try and uncover a light at the end of the tunnel, a light that seems invisible. But friends, we have to stop. We have to stop turning these waiting rooms of life into spaces of negativity and doubt. If we know Jesus we know with certainty that His promises are good and that His word is true. We know that He is going to provide a way for us even when it seems there is no way. We know that His plans are better than anything we can even begin to imagine. And if you don’t know Jesus than this is

the good news you have been waiting for!

He holds our dreams, He holds our plans, He holds our entire lives in the palm of His hand. He knows exactly where we are going to go! He is just waiting for the perfect time to tell us.

Once again, I am sitting in my bed telling God, “I know you have a plan”. I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. But if I can’t hold on to that hope, then what good is there to come of this season?

If you are in the waiting right now, know that you are not in it alone. Know that it’s okay if it doesn’t feel comfortable, but that one day, it will be worth it. And know that whatever you are waiting for, Jesus is already on it. The best is yet to come.