• Courtney McLane Mize

The Three Areas You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Splurge On For Your Wedding

Alright ladies, here we are! We have made it to week FOUR of the Wedding Wednesday series! Can you believe it? This was the first official series that Doing Twenty Something has ever produced, and the feedback has been so great that guess what? The series is not ending today! I have decided to include weddings as one of the core topics you can find on Doing Twenty Something! I hope that by continuing to share some of my tips and experiences as a bride, I can help any of you bride-to-be’s out there feel more prepared, relaxed, and excited about your big day!

Last week I shared my top five wedding money saving secrets, and if you missed it you NEED to go back and check it out! Today we are looking in the opposite direction and I will be sharing the top three areas that I found were worth splurging on for my wedding. Are you ready to dive in?

Everyone has their own personal opinions about where to spend their money when it comes to their wedding, obviously. But I thoroughly believe that even if you are planning your big day on a budget, you can still have the wedding of your dreams! And by saving money in other areas (check out last week’s post for those tips) you can afford to put a little extra money towards the things you really want. There are three areas that I truly see the benefit in splurging on: media, flowers, and professional wedding assistance. So, let’s break down each of these areas and talk about why they are worth a few extra dollars, starting with number one.

1. Media, aka your wedding day photography and videography. Some people have one or the other, either a photographer or a videographer. We were fortunate enough to have both, and if this is something that you can do, I would highly recommend it. We had over 700 pictures given back to us from our photographer and an amazing video from our videographers that I could seriously watch over-and-over again, every day, for the rest of my life. The link is right here if you want to check it out! The number one reason why Tyler and I both felt that this was such an important area to invest in was because these are the only tangible memories you will have once the day is said and done. These are the memories you will have to look back on for the rest of your lives,

the memories you will show your children, and the evidence to remind you that you did, indeed, have the best day of your life.

Everyone says this, but I am telling you it is so true, your wedding day goes by SO fast. The chances of you even being able to say hi to all of your guests are slim-to-none. It sounds insane, but you won’t remember everything about your wedding day. As much as you think you will, you won’t. And THAT’S why you need a photographer and videographer.

  • MAJOR TAKEAWAY If you can’t afford a photographer and a videographer, at least hire a second shooter photographer for your ceremony and reception. We had our photographer bring a second shooter for just a few hours to ensure that despite all the craziness, we really had all the most special moments captured.

2. Flowers. Whether or not there is value in spending money on real flowers for your wedding is such a big debate. Almost everyone told me not to spend a lot of money on flowers because “they just die”. While this is a completely valid point, I think that flowers can truly turn your venue from a brick and mortar space to a soft, dreamy, wedding day oasis.

Our wedding ceremony and reception were in a barn, and it was gorgeous even without florals! But we actually added to our original order with the florist just a few months before the wedding (thanks mom!) and our florals transformed our venue. Generations Farm was amazing and if you are in Arkansas, you need to check them out! Of course, you will use flowers for your bouquets and boutonnieres, but I think you can really warm up and soften your space by adding flowers in some out-of-the-box areas. We had the wooden beams of the barn wrapped in jasmine vine, we had arrangements on the cross beams of the bottom of the

staircase, either side of our “altar”, we had a wreath hanging on the outside fireplace, and floral arrangements on both our welcome sign and seating chart sign. (If you want to see some more pics of this, just scroll on down to the bottom of the post!) As much as I loved seeing it all the day of the wedding, looking back at the pictures makes me melt and feel even more thankful that we decided to go with real flowers. Flowers add a whimsical element that just can’t be replaced by anything else!

  • MAJOR TAKEAWAY: If you want all the gorgeous florals but don’t want to break the bank, opt for lots of greenery! Eucalyptus, Jasmine Vine, and Italian Ruscus are all types of greenery that are highly versatile and not as expensive as having Ranuculus and Hydrangeas on every table!

3. Wedding coordinators. There are really two types of people in this category, and depending on what area you are living in and what exactly you are looking for, the cost for these services can differ. Wedding planners are just that, they help plan your wedding. Wedding coordinators, on the other hand, actually coordinate your wedding.

Fixing my dress before walking down the aisle!
Fixing my dress before walking down the aisle!

This means they are present on the big day and are essentially running the show so that YOU have nothing to worry about. Some people will simultaneously serve both roles for you, but of course, everyone is different, so do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I can tell you that having a wedding planner/coordinator was the best decision Tyler and I could have made! (Aside from actually marrying each other) Samantha McFadden at The Silos, for all my Arkansas brides, is the best! She alleviated the majority of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. That’s what all wedding planners do, that’s their job! Samantha helped me make decisions on things I had not even thought of! She also did our day-of coordination which meant she was there in the morning helping with all the set-up, she made sure that I was tucked away once guests started to arrive, and saw us through our ceremony, reception, and helped clean up at the end of the night. Does it get any better than that?! If you had someone that told you they would help you with all your planning, set up and tear down on your wedding day, make sure everything runs smoothly, and even help bustle your dress, would you say yes to them? Of course you would!

If you are not lucky enough to be in Arkansas and work with her, seriously, do your research and find someone that you click with, someone that you feel understands your vision, and has your best interest at heart. This was hands down the #1 investment for our wedding.

  • MAJOR TAKEAWAY: If you want some assistance with your wedding but can’t find someone who will serve as a planner and coordinator, go with the latter. Having a third-party person to be there on your wedding day and manage the arrival of all your vendors, set up, tear down, even making sure you get a chance to eat is just priceless. It takes SO much stress off of you and your family, allowing the most special attendants to relax and enjoy the day! Trust me, you won’t regret having these extra helping hands!

I know it can seem overwhelming when you are in the thick of wedding planning, especially when the money trees in the backyard don’t seem to be sprouting! But I hope that these takeaways are helpful to you and help give you some perspective on why you should allocate more of your budget to certain areas of your wedding. As always, feel free to drop a comment letting me know what you think, or reach out if you need any more advice! There are plenty more Wedding Wednesday posts on the horizon! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing!

Photography Credit: LBT Photography

Videography Credit: Oudthone Productions LLC

Florist: Generations Farm

Venue: The Silos

Wedding Coordinator: Samantha McFadden