• Courtney McLane Mize


My mom is my best friend. Hands down. My sister and I are five and a half years apart, so up until Kindergarten, it was mine and Kim’s job to hangout with each other 24/7. We were professionals. Then, my sister was born, and for the past eighteen years, I have watched my mom maintain the balance between parent and friend to the both of us. I’m not a parent, but I can tell you that parenting is not easy. There is no rule book, blue print, or manual for being a parent. As kids, we are often blind to all the things that our mother’s do for us simply because, they are our mom’s. Isn’t it kind of in their job description to bring us our homework when we forget it, wait an extra twenty minutes for us to leave school because we are talking to our boyfriend or girlfriend after class, and answer the phone every time we call them once we move away? For all the sweet mama’s out there, here are some things that we (your kids) probably haven’t told you lately that you really need to know….

  • Thank you for bringing us into this world. You had a choice, and you chose us. Thank you.

  • Thank you for wiping every tear. From scraped knees, to playground bullies, punishments, sports games that we lost, broken hearts, broken bank accounts, bad choices, and the tears that we cried just because, you heard them all. You wiped them all. You never ignored a single one.

  • Thank you for holding our hand. When we learned to walk, when we learned to run, when we wanted to cross the street by ourselves, when we fell down, when you helped us up, when we watched movies together, when we reached out for you, even when we pulled away, you never let go. You still won’t let go, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • Thank you for listening. Endless stories, rambling, obnoxious laughter, knock-knock jokes, drama, excuses, really anything we ever needed to say, you heard us say. You were, and are, the best sounding board. Always.

  • Thank you for saying no. A mother’s intuition never dies. You could see what we couldn’t see and knew what we needed, even if we disagreed. You were never intimidated by tough love.

  • Thank you for saying yes. You said yes to our dreams, our goals, our outfit choices that were not always on point, you said yes more than you said no. That encouragement never went unnoticed.

  • Thank you for being strong. There is no doubt that there were nights you went to bed crying on our behalf, waking up early when you were sick to make lunches, smiling when you were stressed, and physically carrying us around for the first 24 months of our lives at least. You have always been a trooper.

  • Thank you for cleaning our mess. Our messy faces as babies, our messy hands as toddlers, our playrooms, our disheveled closets as teenagers, even our kitchen counters as adults. You taught us to take pride in ourselves and respect our things. If it weren’t for that, our lives would forever resemble the finger paintings that were hanging in the playroom.

  • Thank you for your laughter. You laughed at the jokes that were not very funny, the made-up dances that were embarrassingly hilarious, you laughed when we laughed. We really loved that.

  • Thank you for being selfless. Becoming a parent is the hardest job anyone will ever have. Suddenly, you become last on the list, and you never made us feel bad about putting you in that position. If there was a Medal of Selflessness, it would go to you.

  • Thank you for all of your reminders. You had to remind us to brush our teeth, do our homework, be forgiving, play fair, and work hard. You kept reminding us, even when we tried to ignore you. We thought you were nagging, and maybe you were, but it was nagging with good intentions. Now, we appreciate that.

  • Thank you for wanting the best for us. Sometimes, your expectations felt unreachable. We told you that “you just didn’t understand” and spent countless afternoons venting with our friends about it. In reality, you always understood. You still do. You push us to do more, want more, and be more. You never settled for anything less than our best, so neither will we.

  • Thank you for sharing. You shared a lot. Your bed when we wanted to snuggle, your courage when we were afraid, food. So. Much. Food. Your clothes, your makeup, your wisdom, almost everything that was yours, you shared with us. And we loved you for that.

  • Thank you for your flexibility. You grew while we grew. You had to adapt to our ever-changing little bodies and personalities for eighteen years. We were learning as we went along, and so were you. Even if it scared you, you didn’t become rigid or stiff. Your time was flexible. Your heart was flexible. We spent a long time figuring out life together. Thanks for always hanging in there.

  • Thank you for being you. The person that you are made us the adults that we’ve become. You went from being mom, to friend, back to mom, back to friend, always managing to handle both roles simultaneously and so well. Your heart is part of our heart. As the world keeps spinning, and our lives keep changing, you have always been stable. No one else can do what you do. You have the toughest, most tiring, most rewarding job in the world. Thank you for jumping into that role feet first, and never ever quitting. You are a champion.