• Courtney McLane Mize

The Five Etsy Vendors All Brides Need To Know About

Hello sister friends, bride-to-be’s, and everyone reading this! Happy Wedding Wednesday to you! We have been talking all things wedding from DIY’s to vendor must-haves, and it has been so fun getting to gush over all the wedding things week in and week out! This week I am excited to talk about one of everyone’s favorite sites for online shopping, Etsy! If you are not familiar with Etsy, it is essentially the trendy Wal-Mart of online shopping where you can find small businesses that make everything from wedding dresses to dog beds. I am a huge fan of Etsy and actually used it quite a bit for our wedding! But with so many vendors on the site (literally, thousands) how do you know which ones are the best? Ordering things online can feel risky, especially for something as important as your wedding! But…this is why I am here! No more stress for you girl! I am going to give you the low-down on five of my favorite U.S. based Etsy vendors that 100% came through for me on my big day!

P.S. if you click on the name of each vendor below, it will open a new window that takes you directly to their Etsy site, incase you want to check them out!

1. Cards: Marrygrams. Okay, these people are so great! They are a Texas based business with over 44,000 reviews. I’d say they’re legit, right?! They make the most adorable paper products and trust me, when it comes to your wedding, you will need a lot of paper

products. I’m talking invitations, cards, tags, programs, anything you need, they can make. I ordered essentially all of my cards through Marrygrams. The cards I gave my sisters asking them to be my bridesmaids,

the thank you cards for my wedding shower and all the cards Tyler and I needed on our wedding day (cards for mom, dad, in-laws, etc.) came from this company. You can customize orders, they have a great response time, and every time I placed an order with them, I received my shipment pretty quickly. Highly recommend!

2. Get Ready Pajamas: The Milestone Maker. Another huge win was coming across The Milestone Maker! This southern based shop hooked me up with monogram pajamas

for my sisters and I to get ready in. (Hooked me up as in, I purchased four sets of pj’s from them, not like, they are sponsoring this, just fyi.) I know a lot of girls go with robes or oversized shirts for their bridal party, but I wanted to do something a little different. They have a handful of different options, mostly customizable, and of course, monogram-able! I had four sets of pink and white seersucker pajama sets ordered that included a button-down shirt with a navy monogram and boxer shorts with a drawstring tie. These were perfect for us girls to get ready in and were less than $50.00 per pair! Not only were they perfect for getting ready, but we had our rehearsal the morning of the wedding, and it made my life wayyy easier not having to worry

about changing into something more “family appropriate” while my hair was setting, just to do my warm-up walk down the aisle with my dad. They also helped make for some seriously cute pics. If you are looking for some comfy, wedding day, pre-glam outfits, check out The Milestone Maker!

3. Seating Chart: Sweetloudesigns. If you need a seating chart for your wedding, please save yourself some time and just go order one from Katie at sweetloudesigns. This girl is the bomb! She made both our seating chart sign and the cards that hung on the sign with the actual table numbers and guest names. We had 19 tables, but she nailed it! I was a little late in the game getting the seating chart finalized, aka still had some changes that were made 14 days before the wedding, but Katie was super accommodating and made sure everything was just as it should be. Seating charts can be pricier items, but it was so worth it for us to

order one. We didn’t have the time to DIY one, and it took off a-lot of stress just sending someone the seating chart and having them work their magic for me! I know this is a #weddingwednesday post, but this shop has TONS of adorable goods for every other day of your life too, so you don’t have to be a bride to shop with them. Sweetloudesigns was a great Etsy find!

4. Cord of Three Strands: Kenna Lee’s Closet. Now this is not something that everyone will need, but if you are doing a cord of three strands during your ceremony, let me introduce you to Kenna

Lee’s Closet! I searched and searched for a strand of three cords sign, and after

narrowing it down from hundreds, to five, to three signs, Tyler and I went with this one. The thing that we loved about this sign was that it was unique. It didn’t look like every other sign with the three thin ropes, bible verse, and our wedding date. We liked the simple aesthetic of this sign and knew it was something we would want to hang in our home after the big day. This vendor also has tons of other wedding day signage, so even if you aren’t doing a strand of three cords, they are definitely worth checking out!

5. Garter: Heirloom Garter Co. Okay, this might be my favorite vendor on the list! A garter is a staple part of your wedding day wardrobe simply because it is a long-standing tradition and who just doesn’t have a garter? But this is also one of the most easily overlooked details of the day. Not only is it something brides are scrambling to purchase at the last minute, typically because they forgot about it, but finding a good garter can be tricky! I mean no one really sees it except for your husband and the guy who catches it, so it doesn’t reallyyyy matter. But let’s be honest, it kind of does matter. I didn’t want the

standard, ruffled garter with a bow in the middle and a cluster of faux pearls glued to some tulle, I wanted something elegant! But! I didn’t want something that was $100+ elegant because, again, no one is really seeing this thing. I decided to order my garter from Heirloom Garter Co. and could not have been happier! They have so many gorgeous styles, most of which are embellished. Sometimes it is hard to tell what embellished items look like online. Are the rhinestones cheesy and cheap looking? Are they going to fall off? Is there going to be glue showing from where they were attached? No, no, and no. At least not with Heirloom! I had a lace garter with a large, embellished piece in the center and it was beautiful! I was also able

to order it in a sweet baby blue which was perfect because that meant that this purchase took care of my garter AND my something blue. Two birds, one stone people. Anyways! There were two, thin, rubber-like strips on the inside of the garter to help keep it from slipping and they legitimately worked. Not to be anti-glamorous, but I was profusely sweating and I’m telling you, this thing didn’t slide at all. And, do you want to know the best part?! These garters actually come in sets of two, one to wear and one to throw! This is perfect because then you don’t have to give away your actual garter during the toss, and you don’t have to go buy another one for your husband to throw! The shipping time was super quick, and it cost me only $30.00. If you are a bride, you have got to check this company out!

I hope you go take a look at these awesome Etsy vendors and share this post with all the future brides that you know! Comment below if you have any topics that you would want me to cover, wedding or otherwise, and most importantly, know that you are so, so loved!

XO, Courtney

Photo Credit: LBT Photography