• Courtney McLane Mize

The Best Part of the Worst Year #7

2020 has taught me the value of intentionality

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we enjoy the rut of a routine. I know that sounds crazy, but stay with me here. Before 2020 came along, we all had a routine. A way of doing things. We had a schedule we were used to, stores we preferred, and activities we included in our weekly planners. We would complain about the mundane, feeling bored or stuck, then 2020 came along and took all of that away. 2020 stripped us of our regular routines, it forced us out of our rut. How did you respond when your "normal life" was turned upside down? If we are honest with ourselves, I would suspect that many of us didn't respond well. We've thrown fits about masks, had to plan around new store hours, limited stocks, and limited menus. Schoolrooms have become laptops at the breakfast table, we couldn't get haircuts, and Sunday morning service has happened in our living rooms. Every aspect of our routines has been turned upside down, and although we used to dream of being at home all day and breaking out of every-day schedule, now all we want is for life to go back to the way it was. We want time to rewind and have found ourselves, at least sometimes, missing our old ruts.

I have always been someone who tries to be intentional, at least, I thought I did. I've always seen the value of a hand-written thank-you card and doing your best in all that you do. But there is no avoiding getting caught up in the task list; doing things just to check them off. Trying to fit in all of your responsibilities just say, "I did it" at the end of the day is not doing things intentionally or with purpose, it's doing things just to get them done. There's a difference.