• Courtney McLane Mize

The Best Part of the Worst Year #6

2020 taught me to nourish my body

We all know how important our health is. Eating clean, exercising, actually sticking to our new-years resolutions, every year we say we will do it. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, and on and on that cycle goes. That is, until we get a wake-up call. Until we are forced to come face-to-face with our health. Until we get sick and have no other choice but to make a change. You see, health doesn't mean a certain pant size. Health isn't a fad diet or a quick fix to lose those last 10 pounds. Health is something we have to nurture daily. Health is how we support our immune system so that when we do get sick, our bodies are strong enough to fight back. Health is allowing ourselves to rest. Health is continuously nourishing our bodies.

I don't think very many of us have escaped the reality of death in 2020. Truly, I think all of us have a family member, friend, or family friend who has passed away this year, if not more than one. I think most of us know someone who tested positive for COVID-19 if we didn't contract the virus ourselves. It has been a year where people's health conditions have significantly suffered and been blasted across news outlets. We always talk about how important it is to take care of ourselves, but oftentimes, we wait until it is too late. We wait until we are sick, fighting disease, or fighting infection, to start making this a priority. Why? Why do we that to ourselves? Why don't we feel more passionate about taking care of ourselves from the inside out? We shouldn't have to wait until we are sick to start nourishing our bodies.

I believe nourishing our bodies goes hand-in-hand with utilizing kitchen medicine. There is so much value in kitchen medicine; using the foods and herbs that God gave us to promote strength and healing in our bodies. Of course, there is value in modern medicine too, but there is such a gap between modern medicine and a holistic approach to healing. I wish the two worked in-tandem more often, but I'm doing my best to bridge the gap between the two for my own family. A perfect example of this is Tyler getting coronavirus. At first, it was nothing more than allergy symptoms, but I instantly put both of us on a regimen of daily vitamins outside of what we normally take. Once we learned he had been in contact with people who had COVID-19, we both went to get tested. He tested positive and I tested negative. We were refused hydroxychloroquine, so kitchen medicine it was. I had already been studying this virus, but now that it was in our home and modern medicine wasn't there for us, I had to turn to kitchen medicine. God's medicine. The earth. I had to trust in things like flavonoids from red onions and the gut-health support gained from cloves to nourish our bodies. Multiple times a day we were drinking teas, taking vitamins, and eating soups filled with vegetables, roots, herbs, and broths, each ingredient playing a specific part in supporting our bodies during this time. We used oils derived from plants to support respiratory function. We incorporated percussions to avoid stagnation in the lower quadrant of the lungs. Tyler and I were on the exact same regimen, even though I was not the one who was sick. And, as fate would have it, I never tested positive for coronavirus despite us being quarantined in a two-bedroom apartment.

Adequate time for rest.

Learning and trusting in plants.

Bridging the gap between pills from doctors and what God planted on the Earth.

Nourishing my body.

It took time to tend to Tyler and me during our quarantine. Taking care of our bodies takes time. It takes time to learn, time to prepare, time to heal. But I wouldn't do things differently for one minute. I understand that each piece of food and sprinkle of herb we ingest has a role to play in supporting our organs. The importance of nourishing my body. That's what 2020 taught me, that was the best part of the worst year.