• Courtney McLane Mize

The Best Part of the Worst Year #5

2020 has shown me what matters most

If 18 months ago someone asked you, "What matters to you?" what would you have said? Would you have said your faith, family, and friends? Would have talked about being successful in your job or reaching a goal? Would you have mentioned material things? More importantly, what would you say now. I am asking you, dear friend, what matters to you? Think about it. We have time.

2020 has been the epitome of give and take, loss and gain, death and rebirth. I can't speak for everyone but I know some of the things that I valued pre-pandemic were so meaningless in the grand scheme of life. The truly meaningful parts of life that allow us to feel connected and grounded were just something I had completely lost touch of; something that I think many of us had lost touch of before this year happened. There are so many heavy, reflective questions we could ask ourselves here.

What percentage of our time is spent doing things with heartfelt intentionality versus quickly going through the motions to check off a to-do list?

When was the last time we called our parents? Our grandparents?

When was the last time we genuinely listened when our kids had a story to tell us?

When was the last time we invested in the things that truly fill our cups?

What matters most to me may not matter most to you. But after living through a year of losing loved ones, losing routines, and losing our sense of normalcy, I have a feeling our lists of things that matter in life may be quite similar.


Trust in The Lord.

The ability to find joy in unforeseen circumstances.

Creating a life that you love. A life that brings you true happiness. A life that you don't apologize for or forcefully defend.

Our time on this side of heaven is too short to be wasted and filled with meaningless stress. Politics. Petty arguments. Social media. Money. These things aren't constants. They ebb and flow, and such is life. What a disservice we have been doing to ourselves and our loved ones by allowing the things of the world to consume us in such a way that they have taken precedence over the things that truly matter. What matters most. That's what 2020 has taught me. That has been the best part of the worst year.