• Courtney McLane Mize

Second Trimester Recap

I feel like I definitely could've posted a second-trimester recap earlier, but here we are! Better late than never, right? I am currently 35 weeks 5 days so definitely in the home stretch now, but I didn't want to skip over documenting everything that happened in those middle twelve weeks!


The second trimester really is how most people describe it, pretty easygoing. I was still dealing with some nausea and sickness which ended by the end of week 17, but it had definitely lightened up before then thankfully!


One of the most exciting parts of the second trimester was our 20-week anatomy scan! We were still a little nervous going into this appointment because it's just such a milestone during pregnancy. All our labs and genetic tests had come back normal up until this point, and I was doing great, but as with most things in pregnancy, you never know until you KNOW! We felt so relieved, thankful, and excited that this ultrasound was wonderful! Baby looked completely healthy and getting to see how much he had grown was unbelievable. As I've progressed through this pregnancy that is one thing that's never lost on us, what a miracle and act of intentional, divine creation it is to grow an entire little person. This ultrasound also confirmed baby is a boy! Very clearly haha

A less exciting part of the second trimester is the anticipated glucose test. Some people say you have to choke down the drink because it's so gross, but I didn't feel like it was that bad. I had fruit punch and other than being pretty sugary, it wasn't something I struggled to drink. I actually had a total of THREE glucose tests. I had an early test done towards the start of my second trimester which I passed, then I had a second one done towards the middle-end of my second trimester which is when most mamas get the test. My results showed that I failed this test by one point. Since I barely failed and had passed my early test, I was pretty confident I didn't have Gestational Diabetes (GD) but had to go back for a three-hour test to confirm. For the longer test, you have to drink a Glucola that has double the amount of sugar and get a total of 4 blood draws. This was a very long day at the doctor's office, but thankfully I passed this test! At this point, it was confirmed I did NOT have GD and I don't think I needed any bloodwork after that!


I definitely noticed my body changing more in the second trimester! I mean, obviously, I'm pregnant, but the first trimester feels like..."do I look pregnant or like I just ate too much Mexican food" and by week 18-ish I felt like I actually looked pregnant. I also noticed that my skin seemed to really improve which was wonderful! As I neared the end of this trimester, I started experiencing some occasional aches and pains, but overall, this part of pregnancy was really great. I felt good, baby boy was growing and looking great, and I felt so thankful that I wasn't just trying to get through it, but actually enjoying this phase of pregnancy.


  • Enjoy this span of pregnancy! You get a GD test, have an anatomy scan, and officially make it past the halfway point in pregnancy. While that can seem worrisome that there are some big milestones to hit, this really is such a great phase. Three months seems long, but it goes by SO fast, so don't forget to enjoy these weeks.

  • Ask the questions! At my anatomy scan, I had a list of questions on my phone. A list as in probably 15+ questions I had been adding to a note in my phone as I thought of them over the weeks leading up to this appointment. I felt bad that I had a lot of questions and knew that some of them I was maybe asking pre-maturely since I was still only halfway through, but I asked them anyway and am so glad I did. Never feel bad for asking questions or wanting to feel prepared.

  • Everyone's pregnancy is different! This pregnancy has been considered high risk from the beginning. Between my mom's pregnancies with me and my sister, my dad and father-in-law's health, my BMI, and already having lost baby #1, I've had extra monitoring and more doctor's appointments than non-high-risk moms. Despite all of that, I have been completely FINE! My blood pressure has never wavered, I didn't have GD, I gained a normal amount of weight, everything checked out fine! I had so many people tell me their stories, or tell me to watch out for this and that because it happened to them, or because they thought I was more prone to difficulties just because of my pre-pregnancy weight. It's important to be healthy and important to make healthy choices in pregnancy, but remember that everyone's pregnancy is different. Everyone's body is different. Don't assume that you're automatically going to run into difficulties just because of someone else's experience.

My next update will likely be my last pregnancy update, but that might not even come out until after baby boy gets here, who knows! I am most grateful for a healthy, strong baby boy that's still growing and cannot wait until we get to meet him. Until next time...