• Courtney McLane Mize


Happy International Women’s Day! This post goes out to all the ladies (well, really that’s who all my posts go out to) but this one is just a little more special because it’s International Women’s Day! I know that this day of recognition can stir up a lot of political controversy. Words like feminism, empowerment, and equality mean different things to everyone. Regardless of whether you are red or blue, left or right, I wanted to give all the amazing women out there some sweet reminders about why we should be celebrating each other today.

First of all, this day is dedicated to us! Let’s take advantage of this day and inspire, encourage, and empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Look at everything that women have overcome throughout history. We are AMAZING! We are strong and relentless, never settling for anything less than we deserve. And when I say, “anything less than we deserve” I don’t want you to be misunderstood. That statement is not intended to create political tension. What we deserve is to be respected. What we deserve is to be valued. What we deserve is to be taken seriously. Today we deserve the recognition that we often times do not get.

For the single mother that’s working multiple jobs trying to keep food on the table for her babies, for the supportive soccer mom in the suburbs who is exhausted from running her children from one activity to the next, for the women in corporate America, for the women who are trying to right their wrongs, for the women who serve our country, and the ones who serve their families, for the little girl starting kindergarten, the twenty something trying to figure her life out, and the grandma who has a lifetime of memories to look back on, to the women who are single, the women who are divorced, the women who are married, the women who feel trapped, the women who feel free, and the women who find themselves somewhere in between, this day is for you. This day is for us. You are beautiful. You are brave. You are strong. There is nothing that you cannot do.

We need to channel our energy towards building each other up, not tearing each other down. Instead of letting political barriers come between us, let’s come together and remember that we are all here for a perfect purpose, a bigger purpose. Whether you believe it or not, you were made in the image and likeness of the most perfect person that ever walked the Earth. A perfect person that recognized men could not rule this world alone, they could not walk through life alone. There was an emptiness that was filled when women were created. How incredible is that?

So happy International Women’s Day ladies. Never forget that you are loved, you are held in high regard, and this world just wouldn’t be the same without you.