• Courtney McLane Mize

I'll Start On Monday

Good morning, good morning! Happy Monday! I am coming at ya in yoga pants, under the covers of my comfy bed, with a strong coffee on the nightstand. If that is not the most cliché Monday, I don’t know what is.

I have gone back and forth wondering how to best incorporate health and fitness into my blog for a long time now, and I finally came to a hard realization. I haven’t been struggling with how to bring this topic to my blog, I’ve been struggling with straight up bringing it to my blog at all. Because “health and fitness” aka my body is the one thing I dislike about myself the most. I have struggled with my weight and body image all my life. There was never a time that I had a “summer body” or a “thigh gap”. Literally, not even as a little girl. I have gone back and forth from gaining weight to losing weight and gaining the weight back again for years. Anyone else feel me on that?

As women, we are constantly being flooded with fitness inspiration, five-day detox recipes, and ten minute workouts to help us get our abs ready for bikini season, aren’t we? And if we are honest with ourselves, how many times do we see these posts and say,

“I wish I could look like that…

“I wish I was that committed…

or better yet,

“I’ll start on Monday…

Well sisters, it’s Monday and I am here to tell you, I am starting. I have been saying “I’m starting on Monday” every Monday since August 1st. But this time, I really am. No quick fixes. No fad diets. No magic vitamins. Just a change in lifestyle to help me be the best version of myself that I can be. And while the food I eat and the workouts I do will play a large part in reaching my health and fitness goals, my mindset is the first thing that needs to change, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

The things we tell ourselves in our mind are the truths that our brain sends down into hearts for us to believe. And the things I have been believing, or better yet, not believing, are the very things that I need to tell myself every day in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness isn’t just about losing weight and gaining muscle (although those are two things I definitely want to do). Everything starts with our mind, our perspective, our intentions. And instead of saying “I’m starting on Monday” and making it to the Chick Fil A drive thru by 2:00 PM, I am saying “I’m starting on Monday BECAUSE…” and reminding myself of all the reasons why I am starting today. So, whether you are a size two or a size twenty, I challenge you to start fresh with me today. I want us, together, to start changing our mindset so that we have the foundation to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long-haul.

Whatever negative thoughts, self-doubts, insecurities, and falsehoods that you have been telling yourself, those are gone today. Those are no longer ALLOWED, as of today. You know why? Because you are more than any twisted lie this world has led you to believe. You are a beautiful woman, a daughter of the one true king, made in the image of all things good and perfect. Your body is a temple, yes a temple, a sacred home to the creator of perfect love.

You might have chicken legs, you might have curves, you might have to unbutton your jeans every time you eat pasta for dinner, can I get an amen?! But you are worthy of love. You are enough just as you are right now. And this temple of yours, the one that you are ashamed of, embarrassed by, and disappointed in is the very temple that God looks at and says “There is my strong, courageous, warrior, beautiful daughter”. Health and fitness is more than just being fit. Health and fitness is just as much committing to believe that your body is worth taking care of as it is choosing to physically take care of it. So today, I want you to do two things. I want you to look in the mirror, and say these three things, starting with your name…

1. Courtney, you are loved.

2. Courtney, you are beautiful. Your body is beautiful inside and out.

3. Courtney, you get to choose to take of yourself today, and you are worthy of making the right choice.

After you say those three things, I want you to let me know! And tell me how you felt when doing so. Drop a comment below or connect with me on Instagram, @courtneyamize. I want to start opening the doors to have these vulnerable conversations about our bodies together. I want us to love ourselves enough to want to take care of our minds, our bodies, and our hearts. Most importantly, I want all of us, to know that we are not in this alone.