• Courtney McLane Mize


My child,

Let me start but telling you how much I love you. You cannot even begin to imagine how much love I have for you. I know that you’re confused right now. I know that you’re hurting and losing sleep trying to make a plan for your life, for your future. You have the best intentions and the biggest dreams! I will never get sick of seeing the desires of your heart. I understand that it might not make much sense to you right now, me knowing everything you want and not giving it to you. But I can see the future, I am omniscient after all. I can see the things that you can’t, and trust me, there are some serious curve balls ahead. If I took a step back and let you direct the course of your own life, offering no guidance or assistance, and KNOWING everything that lies ahead of you, what kind of a father would that make me?! Wouldn’t you want me to help you steer clear of the things that would hurt you, the things that would damage you, the things that would keep you from being the best version of yourself that I know you are? I can’t tell you when your career will change. I can’t tell you when you will get married. To be honest, I can’t even tell you what tomorrow holds for you! Because if I did, if I told you all the things about your life you didn’t already know, you probably wouldn’t need me anymore. You wouldn’t ask for my help or consult me in your decisions, because you would already know the ending. You can’t handle all that responsibility. If you think things are stressful now, can you imagine how you would feel knowing everything that I know? Your life is too much to carry on your own, that’s why I want to carry it with you! And in order to do that, in order for us to genuinely walk hand-in-hand down this path together, you need to trust that you’re walking with someone who knows what lies ahead and is leading you in the best possible direction. If you tried to let go of my hand and run full speed ahead, what would happen when you came to a crossroads? Or got lost? Or got hit by something else that stumbled across your path? I would be behind you and you would be far up ahead, alone.

Have I not provided for you thus far? Have I not made sure that you have food on your table, people that love you, and enough strength to get through each and every day? I spoke this world into existence! I care for the smallest fish in the sea and all the birds of the sky! Don’t you think I care about you?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep asking me where I want you to go, and trusting that I will tell you, when the time is right. Keep asking me for patience, because I have plenty for you. Keep leaning on me in the waiting, so you have the strength to stand once you arrive at your destination. Keep believing in me, because child, I believe in you.

All my love…