• Courtney McLane Mize

Five Beauty Products You Need To Survive The Winter Vortex

We are not even two full months into 2019 and the weather has been whack so far. I am in Texas so thankfully I haven't had to suffer the winter vortex, but we have had pretty crappy weather the past few weeks. I know so many people who have been bundled up fighting the snow, and I think I can confidently say we are all just counting down until spring.

Not only has this nasty weather kept so many of us trapped in our living rooms, but this time of year, when we are wrapping up winter and starting to transition into spring, our skin has a tendency to go a little crazy. Many of us are dealing with dryness, redness in our face, and pasty Elmer's glue shades of whiteness everywhere else, am I right?

Today I want to share with you five beauty products that you need to feel fresh-faced, tan, and glowing during this gloomy time of year. These are my go-to, tried and true products and they are total game changers, I promise!

I'm all about that face, about that face, no trouble. Okay, cheesiest play on words of all time? Probably. But when we think about our beauty routines, it all starts with our face! You want your skin to look hydrated and healthy, not dry and dull. I am a huge fan of First Aid Beauty products and have been an avid user of their line for years. They have over 1,300 ingredients on their don't use list, so you can be confident that you are getting quality products that are safe for your precious face! One of their largest retailers is Sephora, but you can also order from their website directly, so I will drop a link for you below! Of everything I have tried, their Anti-Redness Serum and Ultra Repair Cream are two staples that I use daily.

  • The anti-redness serum is great for combatting that redness so many of us tend to experience in the winter time. I also realized that redness can occur from using too many aggressive products at a time. Exfoliators, daily peels, and anti-aging products can all contribute to redness, just as much as simply having sensitive skin. This serum is actually a little bit of a thicker, lotion-type consistency which I love! It leaves my skin feeling nourished and after just a few uses, noticeably reduces redness. You can purchase this from Sephora right here for under $40.00!

  • The ultra repair cream is my daily moisturizer and I can't say enough about it! First of all, this product was an Allure Best of Beauty award winner in 2016, so you know it's got to be good. Second of all, the jar lasts your for-ev-er. I'm talking months...many months. It's an intense hydration skin protectant, but doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or weighed down like a lot of heavy-duty moisturizer's do. It's also safe to use on eczema, itching, or irritated skin. I tend to get dry skin on my chest sometimes and use this every time I notice flakiness. You can purchase this from Sephora right here and guess what? It's also under $40!

Glow up girl. If you are anything like me in the winter, your skin is so reflective your boo better wear shades, okurrr. I become a literal acrylic shade of white to the point where my feet look painfully corpse-like. I am telling you, this stuff is the ultimate fake-baking hack and if you don't care about anything I'm sharing in this post, you need to go to Target and get yourself some of the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer ASAP. You can thank me later. Once you get yourself looking like a bronzed summer babe, you need to run, yes run, to your nearest mall and get some Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter to brighten up that newly tanned skin!

  • Jergens is a household name that has actually been around since 1882! But this lotion is the bomb. It's a gradual self-tanner, so you use it daily just like you would with any other body lotion. It's comes out pretty pretty light in color, the same neutral shade as any other lotion. I would say you start to notice a difference in the color of your skin after two uses, and after a week you will look like you have been full on in the sun! It also is supposed to be firming and "reduce the appearance of cellulite in 7 days". Now I can't say it actually makes the cellulite go away, but it does help conceal it. You know what they say, if you cant tone it, tan it! You can grab this at at any drug store for less than $10.00, but I have linked it here for you.

  • Speaking of glow up's, the Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter. This is to die. I actually got a mini pot of this for free thanks to my VIB points from Sephora and it quickly became one of my go-to's. It's a pressed powder highlighter which I typically prefer over liquid highlighters because they are easier to blend into your skin and give a natural, flawless finish. Even if I am not doing a full face of makeup, this highlighter is always part of my routine. It is the perfect balance of subtle and shine, giving your face that little extra glow that it needs. This is more of a makeup splurge, coming in at $38.00 for a full-size, but I can promise you it is so worth it. It's listed as a Becca Best Seller, so you know it's a good staple. You can purchase from Sephora right here and earn rewards points on your purchase, so basically this is a win-win.

Lastly, lashes. I get so many questions about my lashes and no, I don't get eyelash extensions. I don't wear fake lashes (unless it's a super glam event like, you know, my wedding or something) and I actually use drug store mascara. That's right, the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara is my holy grail, everyday mascara. I have tried tonssss of mascara's, the high-end stuff, the drug-store finds, and I am telling you that this is the one I have found myself coming back to every time I have tried to venture out.

  • This mascara is a total dynamic duo product that gives you excessive length and dramatic volume, both of which we are trying to achieve when using mascara. Especially in the dreary winter months when we don't even feel motivated to commit to makeup every day, mascara is such an easy go-to. It instantly makes you look awake and bright-eyed even though all you want to do is snuggle in bed with Netflix and coffee. There is a waterproof version of this, but I just stick to the O.G. version for my day-to-day. I told you this was a drug store find so you can likely find this anywhere, but I linked it for you right here and incase you are wondering...it's under $10.00!

Okay friends, if you have lasted this long and made it to the end of my post, you rock! There is a lot of time that goes into creating blog posts, despite what you might think. So, as a treat to you for being such an awesome follower, I am going to give you the deets on a sixth product that is possibly my biggest beauty secret and a game-changer if you are looking to grow your lashes.

  • Maxeylash is my absolute favorite lash conditioning serum that has helped give me longer, thicker eyelashes. This is similar to a serum but specifically for lashes, and comes in a tube with a small brush that you use for application just like eyeliner. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my lashes have full-on reached my eyebrows before! I actually don't use this product daily because it grows your lashes that quickly, but I use it multiple times a week. You can put it on in the morning or the evening, just don't use more than once a day. This is on the higher-end at $95.00 per bottle, but it is worth every penny. Not only does it do exactly what it claims to do, but it works quickly! Maxeylash offers a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your product they will take care of you., and you get free shipping on all orders over $50.00. You can order this from their website directly and I linked it for you here.

Like I said, these are my never fail, tried-and-true, go-to staple products and lifesavers this time of year! If you decide to try any of these out you have to let me know! Here's to staying beautiful and thriving until the sun comes out again.