• Courtney McLane Mize

First Trimester Recap

Well, we are officially almost halfway through this pregnancy (19 weeks as I am writing this) so I thought it was time to share all about my first trimester.

Pregnancy after loss is a funny thing, and there's really no way to explain it until you've been through it. Of course, we are so excited and have been so excited since the moment we found out, but there's also a lot of worry. I mean, there's worry in every pregnancy, but after going through a loss, a doctor's appointment where they tell you there's no heartbeat, a surgery, there's no way of erasing those memories from your mind. It's kind of like you're holding your breath just a little bit and it can be difficult to fully embrace this new season, new pregnancy, and new baby. I might write an entire post dedicated to PAL (pregnancy after loss) but until then, let's focus on the first trimester!


I found out extremely early that I was pregnant, like the day I would've been late, I found out. Baby boy was only the size of a grain of sea salt! Isn't that wild? Basically the size of this period dot. Tyler was outside with the dogs, and by the time he had come back in I had JUST seen my positive test. There was no surprise gift or cute, sneaky video of me telling him the news. I just said, "Tyler, I'm freaking out..." This was in January 2021, so he thought the government and entire country fell apart while he was outside, or I was pregnant. It was obviously the latter.

My first test was a cheap strip out of a box of tests I purchased on Amazon (they're actually great and linked here if you are tracking or trying) but I went ahead and took a digital test too, doubtful it would come up positive because it was so early. Sure enough, we saw the YES and knew this was really it.


The first trimester is no joke. The fatigue started around week 6 and lasted the entire trimester, some days, into the second. I remember Tyler asking me what we were doing for dinner one night and me telling him he could go to the store and get something, or go pick something up, but I was too tired to cook or go anywhere to get anything. Not very glamorous, just reality.

The morning sickness aka all-day sickness started around week 7-8 and lasted consistently until around week 15, mostly subsiding by week 17. I was nauseous all day and consistently getting sick 1-4 times per day, usually in the afternoon and evening. I know this season of pregnancy is different for everyone, better for some and worse for others, but being sick every day is exhausting. I knew it would be completely worth it in the end, and it wouldn't last forever, but there was plenty of nights I prayed for God to give me the strength to get through those first few months.

I relied on naps when I could take them, and just allowed myself to rest when possible. There were many afternoons where I brought my work out to the living room and laid on the couch with laptops and notebooks. Unfortunately, nothing could really stop me from getting sick. Thankfully, there were a few things that I turned to daily to help with nausea. Preggie Pops and the Pink Stork Mango Ginger Morning Sickness Sweets typically eased my nausea a little bit for the short term. B6 is another supplement that my doctor recommended which was also helpful. I didn't take it super often, and it's a slow-release so it's not something you could take to instantly start feeling better, but it helped longer-term which was nice.


After two totally different first-trimester pregnancy experiences, there are some things I learned that I will definitely remember in future pregnancies. If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or may be pregnant some day in the far away future, I hope these tips are helpful for you too.

  • You can share with as many, or as few people, as you and your partner want. Our first pregnancy spread like wildfire and everyoneeee found out when we were still very early on in pregnancy. We were so thankful for all the love and support, but it definitely made me feel extra pressure even before we lost the baby. Losing the baby and so many people knowing we were pregnant made things more difficult for me. This time, we told our parents, and as we got further along, our siblings, but that was it until we hit the 13-week mark. I think both of us felt less stressed. No matter what you decide, it's okay.

  • Don't get overwhelmed with information. My first pregnancy, I instantly started reading What To Expect When You're Expecting. I was on Google and Pinterest and felt so overwhelmed realizing just how much information is out there. I am still a huge fan of good resources to prepare for pregnancy, labor, and becoming a parent, but I was much more laid back in the beginning of this pregnancy. I tried not to jump too far ahead and focus on what we were dealing with AT THE TIME. The symptoms, the changes, the decisions we had to make, whatever was relative to those first few weeks of pregnancy, that's what I focused on. And DON'T USE GOOGLE AS YOUR DOCTOR.

  • Know that you're a parent NOW. Once you find out you're pregnant, that's it. You're pregnant! Your body is already in overdrive growing an actual person. You might not feel super pregnant yet, you might feel sick all the time, you might be in total shock. Either way, try not to worry about the future and things that haven't happened yet. Know that you are already a parent. Allow yourself to accept that, and be thankful every day that you are growing this precious human.

I am excited to keep track of my pregnancy here on this little blog, if nothing else, just so that Tyler and I have a place to come back to, to remember these days. But if you're reading this too, thank you! We are so grateful God has chosen us to raise up a tiny human for His glory in this time, and can't wait to share more about this journey we are on.