• Courtney McLane Mize

Fighting Infection Part 3: The 4 Supplements You Need To Be Taking

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the third and final portion of my fighting infection mini-series. In case you are new here, Tyler tested positive for COVID19 earlier this summer which led me to take a deep dive into how we can use kitchen medicine to strengthen the immune system. He was not given a z-pack or hydroxychloroquine and I am a lifelong asthmatic with a history of respiratory illness. With that being said, he had a mild case and I managed to fight this off without testing positive! I have been sharing some details about what we did daily to strengthen our bodies when we were fighting this virus. If you missed my last posts, you can check them out on the blog tab of the website, or just click here to start with my first post, our immuni-tea recipe.

In addition to the tea and soup that we consumed multiple times a day, I had both of us on a strict supplement regimen. Tyler's initial symptoms were nothing more than allergy symptoms, but even then I started us on a handful of vitamins just to be safe. I was limited in what I could do in regards to preventing the spread of the coronavirus because it's a virus; he already had it and I had already been exposed. However, I was confident that I could help prevent him from developing a secondary bacterial infection such as pneumonia or an upper respiratory infection. This is the piece of the puzzle that many people do not have a strong understanding of. COVID19 doesn't cause pneumonia. COVID19 is a virus that weakens the immune system enough for bacterial infections to take over. I talked about this in my previous two blog posts so check those out if you want some more information and sources on this!

Below is a list of the exact vitamins we took as well as our daily dosages. This is not to be taken as medical advice as I am not a doctor, however, this is just a firsthand account of what we used that helped us fight off coronavirus and the secondary bacterial infections that come along with it.

Vitamin C 3000-4000mg daily

Vitamin C is possibly the most popular supplement for immune support. Everyone knows we can get this naturally from foods like oranges and green vegetables, but we took this daily to give our bodies an extra boost.

Vitamin D 4000iu daily

Epidemiological data suggests that there is a link between vitamin D deficiency and respiratory infections. Over one billion people across the globe are deficient in vitamin D. Although this is recognized as an ignored epidemic in the medical community, many individuals do not realize they are vitamin D deficient. They also don't realize that vitamin D is responsible for the function of over 200 genes. We took 2000iu twice a day.

Zinc 150-200mg daily

If you don't know the role that zinc plays in regards to COVID19 check out my previous blog post. Zinc is full of antiviral properties and has been proven to boost antiviral immunity, restore depleted immune cell function, and improve normal immune cell function. In order to maximize the effects of zinc, we made sure to consume high amounts of quercetin. I have a much more in-depth explanation of what quercetin is, why it's important, and how to consume it by way of foods in my last blog post. Quercetin can also be purchased in capsule form and taken as a supplement.

Lysine 2000-400mg daily

Lysine has antiviral effects by blocking the activity of arginine in the body. Research is limited on whether or not Lysine helps reduce viruses such as herpes simplex (cold sores) but it has been proven to prevent viral outbreaks. Even though Tyler had already tested positive, I made sure both of us took this twice a day.

I hope this was helpful to you and that these posts have been giving you practical ways to boost your immune system using things in your kitchen! Praying you are all staying healthy during this time and looking forward to brighter days ahead.