• Courtney McLane Mize


Decided I had to steal this quote from Crosspoint Church for ya today!

“When we see failure, God sees future.”

Can I get an amen everybody?!

When we see no way out, God opens the perfect door.

When we are filled with regret, God sees our repentance.

When we think there won’t be another chance, God shows up with an opportunity.

When we are done, He is just getting started.

When we see failure, God sees future.

How lucky are we that God is the king of grace, father of forgiveness, and uses our failures to direct our futures for His glory. Go into this week knowing that you are not a failure. Your mistakes don’t define you. You are unconditionally loved by the author of love and you have an I N S A N E future ahead of you. (Like future so bright you gotta wear shades kind of a situation)

Happy Sunday my friends ❤