• Courtney McLane Mize


Happy Wednesday sweet friends! I hope everyone is enjoying some coffee, snuggling in a blanket scarf, and enjoying the magic of this season! I am not going to lie; I am pretty confident I am starting to lose my mind. Between work and school and having to finish my Christmas shopping that I have yet to even start, there is a lot on my plate. Despite everything going on in this little head of mine, I can’t help but feel a happiness in my soul every time I look at this mug. “Everyone’s Welcome”. Who knew that two short words could provide such hope! Everyone’s Welcome.

Jesus is not exclusive. You don’t have to survive rush to know Jesus. You don’t have to have your life in order to talk with Jesus. You don’t have to try and erase a stained past to be still on a Sunday with Jesus.

The magic and busyness of the holiday season makes it so easy to forget that Jesus came to this Earth with the most anti-glamorous story. He was born in a stable, His precious head laid in a bed of straw and remnants of feed. There were no doctors to take his vitals. No photographers to capture his first breath. Jesus’ birth was no more than a helpless baby, his teenage mother, and a father trying to understand how he was going to parent this baby who would grow up to save his own soul. Talk about humble beginnings. As we spend time trying to keep our heads on straight and check off everything on our never ending to-do lists this advent season, please remember the baby that was born for me and you. Remember this baby boy that was born in a stable and died on a cross and never once turned his heart away from the people who wanted to know Him. He loved the people who loved Him, and the people who had never even heard His name. Be renewed with confidence this season in knowing that when it comes to Jesus, everyone is welcome. He is waiting for you. Whether you give him five minutes, five days, or forever, He is with you wherever you are.