• Courtney McLane Mize

Cheers to the New Year

The first official blog post of 2019. Wow! I cannot believe we are already into the second week of the new year. I took a break from blogging as last year came to a close and fully accepted Christmas break with arms wide open. I tried to stretch out the holidays, the family time, and the lighter workload for as long as possible, but I think it is safe to say that many of us are back into our routines full-swing and it’s time to get back to business.

I have been trying to do a lot of reflecting this past week. I say “trying” because in the past seven days we flew from Colorado to Kentucky, drove from Kentucky to Arkansas, Arkansas back to Houston, started the Whole 30, and work has picked up as it typically does at the start of the year. Not to mention the mess all of that traveling created, the four suitcases worth of clothes that need to be washed and unpacked, the textbooks I need to order for classes starting on Monday, and the paperwork I have to complete and submit to the Social Security office to legally become a Mize. I have found it difficult to find the quiet time I need to sit with the Lord, reflect on 2018, dream about 2019, and come into the new year with a renewed sense of peace. Is anyone else with me on that?

As crazy as these first nine days of the new year have been, I have been challenged this morning to do something that I don’t usually do, and I want to share this challenge with you. Instead of diving head first into the new year and drowning ourselves in resolutions, why don’t we recognize the accomplishments we had last year?

Why is it that come January, we are so quick to make lists of all the things we need to be doing better, but we never give credit to all the things we totally crushed the twelve months before?

Some of you may have already set your new year’s resolutions, and some of you might not have even had two minutes to yourself yet, but regardless of where you find yourself today, I want to challenge you to acknowledge five things that you are proud of from 2018. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t feel like you are bragging here. Write them down, share them with a friend, say them out loud to yourself, it doesn’t matter! Just take the time to think about the really great things you did last year. Maybe you didn’t lose the full 15 pounds you wanted to, but you lost 10 and completely changed your eating habits. Maybe you paid off a credit card, or all your credit cards. Maybe you faced one of your fears. Whatever its, I KNOW that you had some major accomplishments last year. Let’s take some time today to give a true value to those things that we are proud of doing well, and use that positive energy as the launching pad for setting new goals in 2019.

I am excited for a new year of Doing Twenty Something and feel so blessed to be able to share these bits of life with all of you. The best is yet to come.