• Courtney McLane Mize

Adding Spooky & Spice To A Small Space

Happy Halloween Eve my little witches! I hope everyone is preparing for all of tomorrow night’s tricks and treats! One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween and Thanksgiving, two holidays that give me a reason to add some fresh decorations to my house! House aka apartment. If you are anything like me, you know there is a fine line between sprucing up your space and making it look cluttered, especially when you are working with a small space…like a 750 square foot apartment.

This year, I really wanted to bring some fall vibes into our home. Living in Texas, we haven’t been getting much of this fall weather everyone keeps posting about, so I figured, why not bring the fall to us! My only problem was…our budget. Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware are #goals, and as much as I wish I could have all the magazine-worthy seasonal decorations, my wallet just won’t let me go down that road. So today I am sharing some affordable ways to add some spooky and spice to any small space!

Let’s start with your front door. This is the first thing people see when approaching your living space. Heck, it’s the first thing you see after coming home from a long day of work! You want

your front porch, doorstep, or whatever space you have to feel welcoming and homey! Pumpkins and mums should be your bff’s for fall. Pumpkins and mums instantly brighten up your space, last for weeks (and even sometimes months), and are affordable! Especially when you shop local. Those mums are much larger in person than in this photo, and I got them for under $20.00 from Theiss Market, a local farmer’s market here in my town.

I also added the little pumpkin welcome sign and spiderwebs to my wreath. Although I already had the wreath, these small additions made such a big difference! I found the cobwebs and the sign at Walmart for a total of $6.00. If you have a wreath on your door, thinking about adding a bow, some spiderwebs, or little ornaments for whatever season you’re in to make the outside of your living space feel extra festive.

Once you get through your front door, the living room is likely one of the first rooms, if not the very first room you see. This is also probably the room you spend the majority of your time in. Since we live in a one bedroom apartment, I knew if I was going to add any sort

of Halloween decorations to our place, they would wind up here. Remember those spiderwebs from my wreath? Yep those made their way inside and found a place on our entertainment stand and side table. This has got to be the easiest and most budget friendly way to get your casa

feeling like it’s straight out of Halloweentown. Take one or two focal points in your living room, and try adding some festive knick-knacks to those pieces. With small spaces, it doesn’t take a lot to make big difference, and it’s easy to go overboard, so tread lightly! For the sake of saving some time, I am going to list where I purchased these decorations and how much they cost, but trust me, everything is budget-friendly.

Trick or Treat Wooden Banner: Walmart, $5.00

Black "Freaky Fabric": Walmart, $2.00

Spiderwebs: Walmart, $1.00

Mini Pumpkins: HEB, $3.00

Fall Florals: Michaels, $3.00 (50% off)

"Witch Better Have My Candy" Pumpkin: Michaels, $6.00 (50% off)

Skull & Books: Michaels, $7.00 (50% off)

Orange Twinkle Lights: Walmart, $5.00

Throw pillows are another super easy way to transition your living space from one season to the next. I had my eyes on this “all are welcome here” gourd pillow for weeks, and was so

excited to finally get it! I know throw pillows can be expensive, but all it takes is a little trip to Target or TJMaxx to find ones for every season that won’t break the bank! The small burlap and tassel “hello pumpkin pillow was literally $5.00. For both pumpkin

pillows, the farmers market pillow, and the two orange pillows, I spent about $50.00. Considering throw pillows can go for $30.00+ per pillow, I don’t think that $50.00 for five is that bad! You also keep these and

can reuse them year after year, so it’s basically like an investment, right?

There you have it! A few easy and affordable ways to decorate your small space for fall. I hope these tips were helpful to you! Let me know what your favorite fall decorations are in the comments below. Stay festive my ghouls!

XO, Courtney