• Courtney McLane Mize


My precious daughter,

I know your heart. I see every laugh, every tear, nothing you do goes unnoticed. I know sometimes it’s hard because I’m not there with you. I can’t come sit on your bed and listen to you talk, or meet you for dinner after a long day, but I am always there. I knew the number of hairs on your head before you were born, and just couldn’t wait to see how your sweet heart would impact this world. I have watched you transition through every season of life and could not be more proud. Every mountain top, every valley, every blind curve, and narrow path, you have walked with grace and continue to become more and more beautiful as you learn and grow. Even when things were difficult, you never gave up. You still don’t give up. You have the strength to persevere…you get that from Me. I see this world vying for your attention, people saying they love you and their actions showing otherwise. Please know that you are worth more than someone’s mere attempts of momentary affirmation. I fight for you, every single day. I gave my life for you and want nothing more than for you to remember how much I love you. I love you more than anyone on this Earth possibly could. And on the days when you feel alone or like you aren’t enough, read this, and be reminded that I’m sending you a little extra love, and that you will always be enough for me.

I know some days it feels like you and your heart are being pulled in a million different directions, but trust Me, I understand exactly how you feel. It’s not easy, this life. Your head and your heart might not always align. That’s when you need Me the most, and you know I will always be here. You will never catch me at a bad time. I have all the time in the world for you.

This road you’re walking is a long one, not an easy one, but a good one. The perfect one actually. It’s perfect for you, that’s why I led you to it. Do you think I would intend to bring you somewhere that wasn’t good for you? Do you think I want to sit back and watch you fall? You are not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be. Think of every mistake as a lesson, every road block as a stepping stone, and don’t forget to look for My hand to support you, because I am just waiting for you to grab it.

When you lay your head down to sleep tonight, I want you to know how amazing and valuable you are. There aren’t even enough words to explain it. I chose you, sweet girl. I intentionally picked you as a daughter because I love you more than you will ever know. When the world gives up on you, I won’t. When your heart is hurting, I will heal it. When you are happy and care-free, like the little girl you used to be, I am smiling. Do not let one day go by without knowing that I am yours, and you are Mine. The daughter of a king who looked at the entire world, and said, “I want her. Forever, for always, for every day she wakes up breathing, and long after that. That’s my daughter”.

I’m counting down the days until we can walk the streets of gold together. Until then, you know where to find me.

All my love….