• Courtney McLane Mize

5 Easy Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding

No, we aren’t talking color schemes!

Ahh, your wedding day. The day that you officially become a wife! The day that everyone gathers to celebrate you and your new hubby. The day that an entirely new season of life begins. And the day that will be remembered as the biggest event you have ever thrown. If you have ever planned a wedding, you know how much work goes into prepping for your big day! And if you have not planned a wedding yet, just wait sister!

With so many decisions to make, it is natural to get caught up in the overall planning of the wedding. From seating charts to aisle signs, to making sure you have a gluten free dinner option for the three guests that have allergies, there are so many things that we account for when it comes to our wedding, it can be easy to forget all the work everyone else is putting into actually attending! Between flights and rental cars, hotels, new outfits, your gifts! Yes, your wedding day is all about YOU, but it’s nice to recognize everyone else that has watched you come into this new season, and made your day a priority. Today I am going to be giving you five ways to add an intentional, personal touch to your wedding. These are things that I personally did for my wedding, so I know they are easy, affordable, and make your guests feel extra appreciated!

  1. Handkerchiefs. It is likely that your ceremony will be a cry fest as your loved ones watch you walk down the aisle with unearthly, angelic-like grace, your husband-to-be softly crying at the altar, and your dad kissing your cheek, squeezing your hand, and giving you away. For those guests that come unprepared (aka without Kleenex) providing handkerchiefs is a great way to help keep their mascara from running, and give them a keepsake from your big day. This small detail is one that your guests will notice as soon as they enter your venue and will be so thankful that you were prepared for them! We had two wooden crates at the entrance of our ceremony that said “for your happy tears”, each filled with vintage style handkerchiefs. You can order handkerchiefs in bulk off of Amazon, tie them with a bow, stuff them in a crate, basket, or bin, and you are good to go!

  2. Bathroom Baskets. Think about how long your guests will be with you on your wedding day. They will be crying, drinking, eating, dancing, and there’s no doubt that at some point, they will be wishing they could freshen up. Adding bathroom baskets is an easy way to make sure that your guests are taken care of! We had one basket in the women’s restroom, and one in the men’s, each filled with anything and everything that we thought our guests may need at some point throughout the night. We had everything from deodorant and Tums to hair ties and tampons. We also had a framed sign next to each basket so that the guests would know these items were indeed for them! The good thing about these baskets is that you can go as minimal, or as overboard, as you want! If you want to offer some staples like Ibuprofen and gum, you can! Or if you want to go to WalMart and load up on travel size everything to have on hand for your guests, that’s fine too! Either way these little baskets show that you put thought into the needs of your guests, and that you want them to enjoy the day just as much as you!

  3. Welcome bags. Now this takes a little bit more effort on your end, but trust me, it is worth it! If you have a block of hotel rooms, they should be able to work with you on getting welcome bags distributed to your guests upon check in. The chances of you being able to greet everyone as they check in for your special day are zero, and the chances you will even be able to spend time with everyone at your wedding reception are also pretty slim. Welcome bags are a way of setting the tone for the weekend, and letting your guests know how thankful you are that they have arrived, even if you don’t get to see them right away! The great thing about welcome bags is that there is no right or wrong way to do them. You can order them off Etsy or you can make them yourself, and you can fill them with whatever you want! We used large Kraft bags and included water, snacks, candy, homemade jelly from our farm, and a note that we designed in Photoshop and had printed on cardstock with a sweet message from the bride and groom as well as a timeline for the day of the wedding. Guests who are traveling to attend your wedding will be so thankful to have a drink, an energizing snack, and have all the details for your big day that they need to know, but likely forgot, at their fingertips.

  4. Bug spray. Now this does not sound glamorous, I know. But depending on when and where you get married, this might be something that will save your guests, and you, a lot of itching! Especially for all the southern brides who want a summer wedding, girl! This should be on the top of the list! Our ceremony and reception were inside, but our cocktail hour was outside along with our selfie station and a few other things. We had bug spray in little tins behind the flower arrangements that were on the whiskey barrels outside. This was an easy, inexpensive, conspicuous way to keep the mosquitos away and keep your guests bug-bite free!

  5. Say a few words. Now I know it is typical for people to be showering you and your new husband with gifts and sweet words on your big day, hence the speeches during the reception! But a thoughtful, easy way to let your guests know how thankful you are that they are there is to tell them! Kick off the evening speeches yourself by snagging the mic for you and your husband to acknowledge everyone that came to celebrate your big day. This doesn’t have to be a long, pre-written, formal address to your wedding guests. This can simply be a quick hello, thank you for being here, we love you so much, let’s party kind of thing! However you decide to approach your audience, taking a moment to put the focus on them and let them know how truly appreciative you are that they are choosing to spend the day with you will make them feel so loved and genuinely happy that you recognize they are there for you, despite the craziness of the evening!

There you have it! Handkerchiefs, bathroom baskets, welcome bags, bug spray, and a few sweet words. The five easy ways to add a personal touch to your wedding! I hope that you find these ideas useful and that they help you realize that you can be intentional and love on your guests, even if you don’t get to see every one of them on your big day! Feel free to share these tips with any future brides you know, and as always, happy wedding planning!