I'm Courtney, the voice behind this blog 

I keep having to update this section and it makes me feel old! I am a 28-year-old who left her single, city girl life in Nashville, TN for a fiance on a farm in Southside, AR. We are now happily married and have tackled four new jobs, two puppies, and five out-of-state moves in our first two years of marriage. WOW! There is truly no one I would want to do this crazy life with other than Tyler. 


Doing Twenty Something was born in 2016 out of a place of confusion, uncertainty, and a little heartbreak. I am excited to be leaning into this new chapter of my twenties, full of adventure and truly figuring out the woman I am called to be. Regardless of what season of life I find myself in, the purpose behind this blog is the same, to bring authentic love and everyday encouragement to women who want to live life well.  

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Rock that messy bun. Add me on Insta, FB, all the socials. And know that in this season of adulting, you are not alone. Welcome home, friend. 

Let's Chat! 

Feel free to say hi, send me your prayer requests, and keep up with all the latest on Doing Twenty Something

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